Zampa Gateway

Zampa Gateway is the main entrance of the Diu city wall. It is located between the gateway in the west and the huge fort in the east. Right inside the gate there is a very beautiful chapel built around AD1702. The artificial Zampa waterfall is one of the main attractions here. People who visit Daman and Diu will never miss the sight of Zampa Gateways. The history of Zampa Gateways traces back to medieval period. The walls and gateway is filled with beautiful carvings of lions, angels and priests. This architectural marvel shows the craftsmanship of the yesteryears. Today this is one of the major tourist destinations in this small Union Territory.

To reach Diu by air, the island has an airport located in Nagoya. They have flights connecting from Mumbai. The nearest railway station in Diu is in Veraval. There are several hotels and resorts in Daman and Diu for tourists to stay.


Bazaars in Diu

Diu is a great place to shop; this is a small place with splendid natural beauty with forts and churches giving an impression of a Portuguese city. Diu town is a confusing maze of narrow streets worth exploring. At the back of the town squire there is a small bazaar. Diu shopping is worth a try because it is one place where the visitors are not commercially exploited. There are plenty of handicraft shops with local made handicrafts. Liquors are available at cheapest rate; hence Diu is the right place to fill your shopping bag with liquors of all brands. Diu bazaars are vibrant and colourful. The busy markets are filled with shopkeepers selling all kinds of items from regular home appliances to foreign imported goods. Regular beach items like beautiful gift items made of shells and oyster are also available. Shopping in the Diu market is as enjoyable as watching the forts and churches there.

Diu has an airport in Nagoa, from there Jet airways offers daily flights to Mumbai. The nearest airport is located in Veraval. Diu is also well connected by road. There are plenty of hotels and resorts in Diu as well.

Daman during monsoon

Daman is a tiny strip of land, beautiful and rich with a glorious past. It is a place where one can witness the beauty of both west and east. Daman was part of Portuguese territory from 1531 until they handed over their authority to India on 1961 along with Diu and Goa. The churches, Forts, and Portuguese cottages still remind a period in the pages of history. The town is divided into two half by the calmly flowing Daman Ganga River. Enjoying the beauty of Daman during Monsoon season is an exuberating experience. The drizzling rain, cold breeze adds more colour to this historic town. The Mumbai- Ahmedabad highway road where Daman is located looks beautiful in rain. The bushes and tress along the roadside looks greener than ever. The true Monsoon lovers should try Daman during the season.

To reach Daman by air, the nearest airport is in Mumbai which is less than 200 km away. Hire a taxi, the town lies in between Mumbai- Ahmedabad Highway. The roadways are excellent and well maintained. There are good reasonable accommodation facilities in and around Daman.

Forts in Diu

Forts are a hallmark of Diu. Think of Diu, and pictures of various forts will automatically come to your  mind. Diu is a very small island yet it has several beautiful forts and buildings worth watching. The island has tourist attractions like Diu Fort, Passo Seco Fort, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tad Fort, Panikotha fortress and Nagoa Fort.

Diu fort is a beautiful fort located on the Coast of Diu Island. The Diu fort looks magnificent in night with colourful lightings overlooking the busy Diu city lights. People from all part of the world come to this small island to experience an out of the world experience. There are old iron cannons and shells in the fort.

To reach Diu by air, the island has an airport located in Nagoya. They have flights connecting from Mumbai. The nearest railway station in Diu is in Veraval, and the city has several resorts and hotels to stay as well.

An ancient church, a beautiful beach, fishing dock, a strong Portuguese Fort and a lighthouse, Nani Daman is a place trapped in time. This quiet and peaceful town is a great vacation and stress buster, away from the hustle bustle of Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vapi and other larger cities. People who live in Mumbai or Gujarat can always think of Nani Daman for their quick weekend road trip.

The rule of the Portuguese empire rule has influenced a lot in the lifestyle and culture of this Union Territory. There are several places in Daman and Diu which are worth watching. Reaching Daman is easy, as there are flights from Mumbai and Baroda and accessible by road from Gujarat. Nani Daman can be reached from Bombay- Ahmedabad National Highway No. 8. It’s a great vacation, a stress buster.

The best part of Nani Daman is the Nani Daman fort built with strong stone walls overlooking the unruffled flowing river. There is a huge statue of St. Jerome apart from the life size statue of two human figures in both sides of the gateway. We can view the sight of fishing boats and busy fisherman working, from the top of the fort.

Imagine having a monument of your city elevated to being a wonder of your country. Now, go a step further. What if it is being considered to be one of the seven wonders of a foreign country!

Yes, Diu Fort has just been declared to be in the list of Portugal‘s new Seven Wonders.  Only one in five tourists visiting Diu are foreign nationals. The five lac odd visitors that the Union Territory attracts is a number bound to shoot up following this honour.

Diu, like Daman and Goa, has a strong Portugese stamp on its heritage and culture as a result of Portugal’s prolonged rule in these parts of India. The Diu Fort, built in 1535, is an impressive structure overlooking the sea. The lighthouse, the cannons atop the fort and the illumination at night make this heritage monument a must see.

Nanidaman i.e., “small”, Nanni Daman is a very attractive place for tourists on beach holidays and beach tours.  There is a Jain Temple to the north whose inside walls are exquisitely garnished with glassed – over 18th century murals which depict the life of Mahavir, the founder of Jainism.

It contains the necessary facilities like the major hospitals, supermarkets, major residential areas etc.

It also offers some wonderful sites to the travelers:  Gandhi Park, Nani Daman Fort, fishing dock, an ancient Church, etc.

In between Moti Dama and daman the tourist can find the Ganga Bridge, Gardens, Historic Monuments, the stately Light house, the massive Fort and ancient Churches.